When I found Shauna, I had daily anxiety that had begun to manifest physically. Within three sessions, I saw huge improvements. Over time, she helped me to find my authentic voice and guided me to greater joy and happiness.

— Catherine D., Orange County, CA 2016

I started seeing Shauna because I had extremely bad test taking anxiety and I was about to embark on a journey that would end with me taking 6 intense and mentally strenuous tests. I had many private sessions with her and she even made a personal mp3 recording for me that I listened to a few times a week, and daily as the exam grew near. Her calm voice and positive affirmations got me through national and state board exams with much more ease and grace then I thought was possible. I am extremely grateful for her insight, wisdom, and kindness and…. I PASSED my test!

— Isabelle S., Culver City, CA 2016

I am forever thankful for Shauna. Her gifts are not of this world. She is light, lovely, kind and raises everyone’s spirits! Shauna is magic. She is passionate about her art and is a powerful healer. She is incredibly in-tune, intuitive and genuinely cares about everyone’s well-being. She has guided me in breaking old blocks and patterns and has inspired me to make life changing decisions that resulted in complete and total transformation. I am never the same because of her!

— Candice H., Long Beach, CA 2015

Shauna’s guidance through hypnosis helped me in reaching my potential as a non smoker. Bringing awareness to a habit that has held me for over 20 years. I left with tools and power to face my addiction and I looked forward to my follow up treatments with her.

–Matt V., Highland Park, CA 2015

“I was studying for my board exams and having so many stressful and intense days. The mock exam was coming up and I was getting nervous as it got closer. Then I found Shauna and was able to utilize a hypnotherapy mp3 that she made for me to listen to as much as I needed.  I immediately listened to it that night and woke up feeling so refreshed, calm and peaceful, and even excited to take the mock exam. I wasn’t as nervous on the day of the mock exam and I was able to get a better grade than I expected. From that day on until the actual day of my board exam, I listened to her mp3 almost every day at least once and sometimes twice a day. I was able to stay more focused, was less nervous and experienced less anxiety leading up to the exam.  On the day of the exam, when I came upon a question I didn’t know, I just closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and when I opened my eyes, I chose the answer that seemed the best. The mp3 has made such a big difference in my overcoming the anxiety and fear of taking exams. I liked that it was customized to suit my own individual situation in such a way that it was easy to follow her words. I highly recommend her to anyone who is having anxiety in taking exams or just anxiety in general. She’s is awesome and I passed my exam!!”

— Emily K., San Francisco, CA 2014

I’ve had an extreme fear of dogs since I was two! A friend of mine recommended that I seek Shauna’s help. After only one session of hypnotherapy, I was able to pet dogs and hold them in my arms without any fear. I am very thankful to Shauna for her help.

— Ani G., Beverly Hills, CA 2013

I had been struggling with driving anxiety for several years. I had tried everything and was beyond frustrated. Fortunately, a very good friend of mine suggested I try hypnotherapy and even suggested I see Shauna. She was amazing! I had never experienced anything like this before! It only took a few sessions before I started to notice a difference. Its crazy what we hold onto and Shauna really got to the root of what was effecting me. Today, I can drive anywhere and I owe that all to Shauna and our hypnotherapy sessions!

— James P., Hollywood, CA 2012

Working with Shauna has been eye opening! I had been in therapy with other therapists for over ten years but still suffered. Working with Shauna and the subconscious has allowed me to release blocks I didn’t know I had as well as release past emotions from my relationships. I highly recommend hypnotherapy and I highly recommend you trust Shauna!

— Suzanna H., New York, NY 2011

Shauna is a wonderful hypnotherapist – her voice is peaceful, soothing and relaxing. She maintains a calm demeanor while she helps guide you through your hypnosis session. She talks with you throughout your session, and is an active “partner” during the entire course of what can often be quite a surprising and highly personal experience.

— Dan H., Beverly Hills, CA 2010