About Shauna Krikorian

ReSource Healing was founded in 2009 by Shauna Krikorian, C.Ht. a clinical hypnotherapist, who believes that every person has a deep desire to understand themselves and live a life with meaning and purpose. Shauna helps her clients to identify and reach their goals and remove blocks and resistance from the subconscious mind. She guides her clients to create new thought patterns and behaviors, letting go of old negative habits and beliefs. Shauna works with her clients to help them fulfill their dreams and redirect their subconscious minds to manifest abundance, love, success and happiness.

Shauna has a background in the entertainment business and worked in the music industry for over 15 years. Her personal experience with artists has led her to work closely and confidentially with many well-known and aspiring performers and the creative community that surrounds them. It’s her belief that within every person there is an artistic channel that connects to universal spirit, which is all around us. Opening up that creative channel allows for greater awareness, expression, inner strength and joy.

Shauna is an honors graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  She has a general practice in Los Angeles and sees her clients in person as well as via video chat.  She uses dream therapy, handwriting analysis, guided imagery, EFT and other therapeutic modalities in her practice. Her areas of expertise are in working through depression and trauma, eliminating fears and phobias, releasing anxiety, ending bad habits, forgiveness work, past life regression, enhancing public speaking and performance, and increasing confidence, motivation, creativity and self love.