Dream Therapy

Dream therapy is the interpretation of dreams by understanding subconscious symbols and what they represent for you. We all have different associations to symbols, and by being aware of what your unique symbols mean to you, dreams can be interpreted accurately. Dream therapy is a wonderful way to uncover what is going on in the subconscious mind, and what is being communicated to you through the use of symbols and stories.  Often we are trying to release old memories and resolve issues from the present and the past while we are dreaming.  Once we are able to interpret our dreams correctly, our issues usually resolve themselves and reoccurring dreams will vanish.  We experience more insight and clarity in our lives when we pay attention to our dreams and understand them better. When you think about it, we sleep about 1/3 of our lives, so our dreaming state is very important.  The more focus you place on remembering your dreams, the easier it becomes to recall them.  Keeping a dream book next to the bed and jotting down your dreams in the morning (before they usually disappear from our conscious memory) is a great way to enhance your ability to understand your dreams.  Your hypnotherapist will work with you on understanding your symbols and teach you how to interpret your dreams by using timing clues, allowing you mastery over your subconscious state.