EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, works with the body’s energy system. There are 14 energy meridians that run down the body (these are the same meridians that acupuncturists work on).  These energy channels transport life energy or Chi/QI throughout the body.  EFT works on the theory that energy gets blocked when we hold onto our unresolved negative emotions.  Over time, storing these negative emotions in our bodies contributes to most physical pain, disease, and anxiety. EFT allows for the clearing of  stopped energy, disruptions and blocks.  EFT is a method of tapping using your fingers on different end-points of your body’s meridians while you are tuned into your issue. You will be guided as to where to tap and what to say by your hypnotherapist. This allows for the blocked energy to be released and the body to restore itself to balance.  EFT gets to the core of the problem by having you focus on the issue while you are tapping along your meridians.  Moving the blocked energy releases the negative emotional charge surrounding the problem thus allowing healing to take place in the mind/body/spirit.