Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where you are very relaxed, open and receptive to suggestions. Your mind is alert and focused and your peripheral awareness has been reduced.  You may be able to hear noises around you or you may only hear the voice of the hypnotherapist speaking to you, either way its a comfortable and enjoyable, natural state to be in. During a session, you will talk with your hypnotherapist and identify the presenting issue before transitioning over into hypnosis. Your therapist will guide you through an introduction to hypnosis, and ask questions which help to identify the way in which you take in suggestions, as well as perform deepening techniques and a progressive relaxation to get you prepared for the hypnosis.  The hypnosis itself can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half depending on what you’re working on. Generally it lasts around 30 minutes unless you’re doing a past life regression.  During hypnosis you are not asleep, however you may experience such a deep state of trance that upon awakening you remember very little. You will leave the session feeling a sense of lightness and release, and most people feel happier and more clear right away.