Past Life Regression

What would it be like to remember a past life?  What if you could recall previous incarnations of yourself and memories of things from long ago?  Have you felt a sense of Deja-vu, or a knowing about something that you couldn’t explain, a place that felt familiar though you had never been there before?  We hold on a cellular level, all of the memories of our life, from the time we are in the womb to present.  It is even believed that we hold on a cellular level, deeply stored in our reptilian brain, the memories of previous lives, and perhaps even of all the lifetimes of those who have come before us.

Past life regression is a powerful tool that allows you to go back into previous lifetimes and recall memories, emotions and experiences from lives that you have lived before.  We can bring unresolved experiences from our previous lives into our current existence, often being influenced on an unconscious level and not understanding why we have some of the issues, fears, or blocks that are hindering us. Past life regression helps to illuminate unresolved issues, grief, trauma and old, outdated beliefs systems that we are holding onto.  Once we see and understand where these previously unconscious negative patterns began, it becomes possible to free ourselves from these ailments that no longer serve us in this life.  Past life regression is a direct way to release and let go of blocks, fears and phobias, and old wounds that run very deep, and allow healing to begin on a cellular level.